Kieth Walter Ayuso has been specializing Human Resources right after finishing AB Philosophy at the seminary. He graduated as Cum Laude in Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy. He is curently based in Dubai, UAE and works in a company whose portfolio includes the development of the world's tallest building, Burj Khalifa.
During his formative years, he was trained to write every single morning about the Gospel and life in general - that leads him to habitualy express himself in writing.

Photography is something he is genuinely passionate about. Interest includes lifestyle photography, street photography  and portraitures. 

His natural urge to write and take photos enables him to materialize this blog which will focus on life in the sandpit, travel adventures, food and lifestyle and everything in between.


'Existentialism' is a philosophy that emphasizes individual existence, freedom and choice.
It is the view that humans define their own meaning in life, and try to make rational decisions despite existing in an irrational universe.
During my formative years, when I begin to describe my scholastic background, most of them will feel that I deal with complicated ideas and theories in life. For some, Philosophy is a boring subject to begin with.
Yet if we try to understand, Philosophy is something that we do and develop everyday. It is something that we embrace naturally and unconsciously with the way we react and overcome things. We are all Philosophers!
Philosophy is a study of Knowing. Simply, it includes everything that we think and feel and how we give importance on it. Reviews, recommendations, analysis, reflections and all other forms of blogs - these are all Philos!


My sister once asked me to download Instagram and join the 9pm habit of IGersManila - a global community of Filipino Instagram'ers and Phoneographers. After being hooked with the daily 9pm photo challenges, I see myself growing in different compositions and filters of photography and all the more embrace the essence of visual storytelling. Like many of us, I also started in mobile photography. 

For those who do not speak our language, they see Instagram as an online photo sharing application, but for us it is a remarkable platform where we manage to make friends-turned-family behind the hashtags and user handles online. This community allows me to develop my skills in photography and ventured me out to expand my focal practices outside Phoneography. 

I shifted to mirrorless system camera with Fujifilm which silently brings my DLSR and its lenses on its comfort zone. I enjoyed attending photowalks, instameets (cointed term which means instagram meet-up), and photography workshops since it allows me to develop my skills, establish collaborations well as learn the best practices in the field I'm passionate about.
Seminary Formation
Human Resources
Social Media
I've never been to any other work department other than HR. Specialization includes Recruitment, Employee Relations, Performance Management, Training and Development as well as HR Marketing function and awareness.
An active member of photography and marketing organizations in the Philippines and Dubai which include collaborations, workshops, photowalks and other social activities and programs which promote unified creativity in the community. 
At an early age of 13, I entered the minor seminary (highschool level) and embraced wholistic and Christian formation which taught me to be extraordinary in ordinary ways, a living aim of St. Joseph Marello.
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